Technology Can Improve The Customer Experience (Complete Guide)



A superior customer experience is a key to business success. This is the goal of every company, but in today’s environment epidemics have become much more difficult.

As the workforce and users become more virtual, potential customers are increasingly turning to software and online services to meet their needs, and businesses are looking for the right technology to serve them and from them. Need to take advantage.

Technology Can Improve The Customer Experience

It starts with building a strong business technology foundation. Built on what has become the “seven pillars of the customer experience.” These seven pillars can serve as a model for executives in the midst of a rapidly changing digital transformation. These include …

1. Continuity.

When conditions change rapidly, businesses need to roll with boxers and maintain permanent jobs. If technology fails, it’s time to implement secure remote access and equip your team with the right tools and software.

2. Communication.

Modern users are expected to communicate with you easily and simply. When they arrive, they want to make sure their voice is heard. Minimizing waiting time for responses and resolutions makes people feel cared for, especially when there are systems that keep them updated along the way.

This may include responding effectively through email, phone, and online outreach channels. Use cloud tools for efficient use with documents, forms, and templates, and implement VOIP phone systems to support root calls, monitor communications, record calls, and more.

Giving employees accurately and up-to-date customer and business data can make it easier to communicate with good customers. This will help in clear and efficient communication throughout the user experience.

3. Software.

Depending on the nature of your company, your software needs may go deeper than communication. Your IT team or outsourced Managed Service Provider (MSP) can access the right tools and the latest integrations that bring them all together. They can help you customize the software for your specific business needs.

4. Security.

Some users are still reluctant to move their user experiences to the digital realm. They are wise to be cautious about security. Cybersecurity should be raised to a higher level, if necessary, build trust and convince everyone that their user data is secure.

5. Training.

Employees should feel confident and satisfied with the technology system they rely on in their jobs.

Customers become anxious when staff struggle and get frustrated. Improved tools, character-oriented layouts, and effective training will help alleviate headaches.

6. Data Protection.

Protecting data is a major concern on any customer service plan. However, this is only part of what the IT team or outsourced MSP can do.

Better IT than ever before also produces better data, allowing you to improve the business process and improve the customer experience.

7. IT Recovery Solutions.

Do you remember the time when your company was down for a minute but came back online? Probably not, because there is nothing to remember. Downtime that lasts for hours or days is very memorable and can cause similar problems for employees and customers alike.

Gartner, an internationally renowned research firm, estimates that time-to-time businesses cost an average of ، 5,600 per man (over 300,000 per hour), and that was back in 2014. Now it’s even more important to solve problems and get them up and running quickly. Every minute makes a difference, so make sure your IT staff or support team has a backup strategy and a disaster recovery plan.

Companies that develop a customer service platform based on these seven pillars will not only surprise their client but also win more business.

George Rosenthal is the founder and partner of Throttle Net Inc. ThrottleNet offers a range of technology services and products to help business owners achieve their corporate goals and accelerate business growth.

These include cloud computing, custom software and mobile application development, and outsourced managed network services that help companies improve their technology uptime and IT capabilities while simultaneously reducing costs. ۔


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